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Free! That’s right

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Fikket is from now on completely free. In stead of charging a percentage on the ticket sales, or a fixed monthly fee … we are COMPLETELY FREE. As far as we know, we are the only free online event registration software worldwide now! So take your chance, nothing to lose here …

With we like building apps, it is our passion. We get a kick of seeing our user base increase and positive feedback…and we want more of this. We believe in free software; that’s why our karma listens to the words …

“Give something for free and dy will be tweeted”

It took us three months to develop this free app, it would take you two seconds to tweet about it …

Client spotlight: The Flemish Primitives

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Last week in Ostend the third edition of the culinary world class event ‘The Flemish Premitives‘ took place. The organization used a custom Fikket solution for managing the registrations, payments and invoices of this event. We asked some questions to co-organizer Peter Monbailleu:

What is the general feedback on this edition?

“Very good. It was the best of three editions so far. Exhibitors and visitors were very positive afterwards. Despite the enormous interest (1.500 visitors!) it was a very pleasant and comfortable happening. The program also scored big. The nice thing is that we try to come up with a new concept every year. Where last year was central to technological innovation, this year we went back to the basics: it was about the confrontation between chefs and their cooking styles. Visitors come to TFP for inspiration and to try looking at food in different way. By creating collaborations and confrontations between chefs, we surely achieved this goal.”

How did the registration and acces control process work out?

“This worked out very smoothly. The tickets that were generated by Fikket could easily be read by the system of Cartaplus, generating access badges. The seamless integration of both systems provided a very efficient system, allowing us to reduce time spent on administration significantly. Despite the fact that one of the printers at one point blocked, the system was properly designed so that visitors weren’t bothered with this. ”

And now? Up to edition number 4?

“TFP has a huge success. Without doubt, we continue on this path. Within a month we will start working out a concept for the next edition. ”

We thank Peter for this interview and the great collaboration!

New Fikket features explained

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Hey busy event organizers!

Over the past months we have been receiving lots of hints and concrete request for new features for our online event registration platform. We are happy to see so much interaction, and we kindly ask you to continue this interaction by proposing even more features, or by voting for features proposed by other Fikket users.

So what have you been asking for the last months?

Copy event

Repeating the same or a similar event multiple times? You can now clone an event by clicking “Copy”. Your event will be duplicated, including event description, title, map, tickets and prices, data collection fields, discount codes and ticket confirmation mail. This will save you a lot of time when organizing lots of similar events.

Off-line payment instructions

If you want to accept off-line payments (at door, bank transfer,…) you can now specify clear and bold payment instructions to your attendees. Those payment instructions will be sent together with the ticket confirmation mail.

Extra booking fee for online/offline payments.

Ever wanted to stimulate your attendees to pay online because in order to collect money upfront? You can now do so by playing with different booking fees for online and/or offline payments. Thanks to the booking fee, an online payment will be cheaper or more expensive than an offline payment. Reasons why it could be interesting for you to stimulate to pay online, is that you don’t have any administration work anymore for payment collection. Reasons why it could be interesting for you to stimulate offline payments is that you will not have to pay the credit card commission.

Export to CSV

Export and download your attendee list to CSV, in order to play around with it in Excel, Google Docs, or any other spreadsheet: print named badges, sort and filter or send it as an email attachment to your team.

You have a proposal for any other features? Let us know – your opinion counts!

Please get in touch!

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

We love to interact with our users, partners and the world. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, whatever is the reason. For example: you have a proposal for a new feature, you have a question about Fikket, you want to know who we are, you want to meet us. There are different ways to get in touch:

Via our email info[at]

Via telephone on the number +32 472 85 35 17

Via skype: our account is “fikket”

Via twitter: just tweet us via @fikket and we’ll tweet you back :-)

Via facebook: become our friend on

Via uservoice: any features or suggestion to improve our software can be proposed here:

…or just leave a comment on this blog.

Sell out events in different currencies.

Monday, June 14th, 2010

…and more!

We got lots of requests from different users to implement multi currency functionality, so they could sell out their next event online in dollars, euro’s, yen, or one of those many other currencies. And guess what? Indeed, it’s now possible to sell out your next seminar, training, workshop, theater or festival in one of those currencies:

  • Canadian Dollars
  • Euros
  • British Pounds
  • U.S. Dollars
  • Yen
  • Australian Dollars
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Swiss Francs
  • Hong Kong Dollars
  • Singapore Dollars
  • Swedish Kroner
  • Danish Kroner
  • Polish Zloty
  • Norwegian Kroner
  • Hungarian Forints
  • Czech Koruny
  • Israeli Shekels
  • Mexican Pesos
  • Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian users)
  • Malaysian Ringgits (only for Malaysian users)
  • Philippine Pesos
  • Taiwan New Dollars
  • Thai Baht

If there are other features that would help you further, please do not hesitate to post it as a comment here, or via Uservoice.

Who is coming?

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Events are per definition social. People attend events to meet other people.

Knowing this, we recently launched our new functionality “who’s attending?“. As an organizer, you can indicate whether you want to show on your event registration page the list of attendees in public. You also can choose to show other data about attendees. You can see an example of a public attendee list on this event:

Is this big deal? Yes it is! Attendees are very picky about who else is coming. They will sign up much more easy if they see a lot of friends or connections that already subscribed.

How to use it? Log in with your Fikket account, go do my events, edit an event and at the bottom right you can choose to show or not show the public attendee list.

What do you think about this functionality? Are there other functionalities that you would add?

New Fikket, new functionalities!

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

After an intensive period of user testing, fine tuning, beta accounts, feedback, hard work with a lot of passion, we can proudly present you the brand new version of Fikket.

What is new?

  1. Organizers, you can easily customize your own overview page of your upcoming seminars, workshops, theaters, courses, info sessions or events. Here a demo of how such an overview page looks like.
  2. You can manage discount codes. Those discount codes can be distributed to potential attendees (via email, …), who can use them during the booking process. That way they’ll benefit some discount, and you can reward your best attendees, members, special guests and more.
  3. You can brand the ticket confirmation mail. That way you can for example send special instructions or extra information together with the tickets.
  4. You choose which data you collect from your attendees. You want to know their preferred sport, invoice number or age? Just define additional registration fields, indicate if mandatory or not, and you’ll collect the data that you need to collect.
  5. Our tool is simplified where needed. This makes it even more easy to bring your next event online in only a few minutes. Even grandma’s should feel comfortable using Fikket :-)

Here an overview of all our functionalities.

Thanks again to all our testers, first customers, supporters and FFF’s (family, fools and friends).