Client spotlight: The Flemish Primitives

Last week in Ostend the third edition of the culinary world class event ‘The Flemish Premitives‘ took place. The organization used a custom Fikket solution for managing the registrations, payments and invoices of this event. We asked some questions to co-organizer Peter Monbailleu:

What is the general feedback on this edition?

“Very good. It was the best of three editions so far. Exhibitors and visitors were very positive afterwards. Despite the enormous interest (1.500 visitors!) it was a very pleasant and comfortable happening. The program also scored big. The nice thing is that we try to come up with a new concept every year. Where last year was central to technological innovation, this year we went back to the basics: it was about the confrontation between chefs and their cooking styles. Visitors come to TFP for inspiration and to try looking at food in different way. By creating collaborations and confrontations between chefs, we surely achieved this goal.”

How did the registration and acces control process work out?

“This worked out very smoothly. The tickets that were generated by Fikket could easily be read by the system of Cartaplus, generating access badges. The seamless integration of both systems provided a very efficient system, allowing us to reduce time spent on administration significantly. Despite the fact that one of the printers at one point blocked, the system was properly designed so that visitors weren’t bothered with this. ”

And now? Up to edition number 4?

“TFP has a huge success. Without doubt, we continue on this path. Within a month we will start working out a concept for the next edition. ”

We thank Peter for this interview and the great collaboration!

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