The importance of events for your organisation

Organizing and event requires a lot of your time and organization. Searching for a location, working out a programme, sending out invitations, collecting participants data, searching for presentors, contacting spronsors, etc. Why do companies put so much effort in seminars, conferences and business events? On top of that, some of them are completely free. So let’s have a closer look at what is the importance of organising business events with your company or organisation and spending time and money in it.

By organising events like seminars for your (target) clients, conferences for your equals, or meetings for a certain niche market, you build a relationship. People will start looking at you as a kind of reference in your domain. Openminds, a Belgian Ruby on Rails hosting company, organises every 6 months a conference for Ruby on Rails programmers and interested people. And this is good. As well for the programmers, as for Openminds. They put together people with the same interests and hobby. You can meet other programmers, there are speakers, you can learn more about your profession or passion, and if you want, you can even present yourself for your colleagues. In this way, Openminds is building a real Ruby on Rails community in Belgium. And by building a community, you become a reference in this community. And is there anything better then being a reference in your community / market? If you are a reference in a market, you’ll never be out of business.

The one who DOES the most is a reference. Not the one who KNOWS the most. Hence it’s important to DO something, and consider organizing a seminar, conference or workshop for your (potential) clients or market!

What are your experiences with organizing events for your business or organization?

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