How to validate tickets at entrance?

When people book their tickets, they will get an email with their ticket. This is how such a ticket looks. There are two important parts: (a) is the code, and (b) is the payment method.

The payment method tells you if the ticket has been paid ONLINE (with any credit card or with PayPal) or if the ticket OFFLINE (this is under your own control, for example at entrance).

You, as an organisor, are able to get per event a full participant list, including all unique codes and payment methods. This is an extract of such a participant list:

So what do you do at entrance? There are two possibilities:

  1. A manual check. You print the list of participants, and manually you check the tickets against the list.
    - If the code is not in the list, then the ticket is not valid.
    - If the code is in the list, and the payment method is OFFLINE, then the organisor (you!) has to ensure that the ticket is paid. This can be at entrance, but also via invoice after the event took place
    - If the code is in the list, and the payment method is ONLINE, then all is OK. The person can enter. Don’t forget to indicate that this code is already used, so that another person with the same code can not enter!
  2. A box office scanner software:
    A simple USB scanner connected to your laptop can do the same checks as the one described above, but completely automated. There are many softwares out there that can do this job for you. Often you can buy them together with a USB scanner. In the meantime, at Fikket, we are working ourself on a little piece of software that will be made available to you through the Fikket website. Please send us an email if you would like some more information on this.

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