Early birds?

People like to be treated “special”. To receive something exclusive. You can give your attendees for your next event something special, by offering early bird prices.

Early bird tickets are tickets with a lower price. They are typically valid only till a specific date. This creates an urgency or a need to buy them right here, right now. People that are still in doubt wheter to attend or not might decide to buy their ticket if they see that there are early bird prices. Since after this specific date, they will have to pay more for the same ticket!

How to do this with Fikket?

1 – Create a new ticket type called for example EARLY BIRD

2 – When the early bird period is over, delete the ticket type.

Did you expect more complexity? Sorry folks…

5 Responses to “Early birds?”

  1. Alex Epelde Says:

    In my opinion tickets should have dates associated (from-to) so this kind of funcionalities could be managed automatically.

  2. joren Says:

    Het zou misschien ook leuk zijn als je een max aantal tickets kan opgeven voor dit type.
    Vaak wil je enkel een deel van de tickets verkopen als early birds.

  3. pieter Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your feedback!
    This is indeed in the roadmap :-)

    I’ll leave a message when it’s available.


  4. joren Says:

    It would be nice if you could add a maximum amount of these early bird tickets, often you don’t want all your available places to be sold as early birds.

  5. pieter Says:

    @ Joren, OK I see…
    I think we can manage this as well within some weeks

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