Who is coming?

Events are per definition social. People attend events to meet other people.

Knowing this, we recently launched our new functionality “who’s attending?“. As an organizer, you can indicate whether you want to show on your event registration page the list of attendees in public. You also can choose to show other data about attendees. You can see an example of a public attendee list on this event: http://fikket.be/betagroup/event/46

Is this big deal? Yes it is! Attendees are very picky about who else is coming. They will sign up much more easy if they see a lot of friends or connections that already subscribed.

How to use it? Log in with your Fikket account, go do my events, edit an event and at the bottom right you can choose to show or not show the public attendee list.

What do you think about this functionality? Are there other functionalities that you would add?

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