New Fikket, new functionalities!

After an intensive period of user testing, fine tuning, beta accounts, feedback, hard work with a lot of passion, we can proudly present you the brand new version of Fikket.

What is new?

  1. Organizers, you can easily customize your own overview page of your upcoming seminars, workshops, theaters, courses, info sessions or events. Here a demo of how such an overview page looks like.
  2. You can manage discount codes. Those discount codes can be distributed to potential attendees (via email, …), who can use them during the booking process. That way they’ll benefit some discount, and you can reward your best attendees, members, special guests and more.
  3. You can brand the ticket confirmation mail. That way you can for example send special instructions or extra information together with the tickets.
  4. You choose which data you collect from your attendees. You want to know their preferred sport, invoice number or age? Just define additional registration fields, indicate if mandatory or not, and you’ll collect the data that you need to collect.
  5. Our tool is simplified where needed. This makes it even more easy to bring your next event online in only a few minutes. Even grandma’s should feel comfortable using Fikket :-)

Here an overview of all our functionalities.

Thanks again to all our testers, first customers, supporters and FFF’s (family, fools and friends).

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