9 good reasons to put your event online

Online event management means “publishing, promoting, managing, and selling out your event online”. Publishing your event means putting all information about your event online. Online promotion means the use of digital communications channels like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or E-mail to promote your event. Selling out your event online means attendees can pay their tickets online. Most often, tickets are sent by E-mail. Online event management has many advantages. We list 9 of them:

1. Less printing costs

Attendees print their tickets at home, each with a unique code and barcode. This means you don’t need to design and print tickets yourself.

2. Less administration

Traditional registration often happens by phone, mail, or fax. You need someone to answer the phones, read the emails, or process the faxes. Also, all registrations need to be collected into one central file, to prevent over bookings. A lot of things can go wrong during these administration processes: misunderstandings on the phone, faxes that are not readable, …Online ticket sales resolves these problems and gives organizers more time to spend on other useful activities. As organizing events generally takes a lot of time, these time savings can be very useful.

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3. No over bookings

Online event management software often allows you to manage the capacity of your event. This can prevent you from selling more tickets than places are available. Once full capacity is reached, it is simply no longer possible to buy tickets online. Managing capacity without online tickets sales is often more difficult: you need to bring together all sales (by phone, fax, mail, etc.) constantly. You need to communicate that the event is booked …With online event management software, you can raise capacity whenever you want.

4. Accurate reporting

How many tickets did you sell exactly? How much revenues were created? Reality shows that the answers are not always straightforward. Online event management software often contains standard reports to deal with these issues (e.g. tickets sold, revenues, payment methods, attendee information, etc). Reports can be downloaded in Excel or other software.

5. Collect online payments immediately

You know how it goes: attendees call for ticket reservations, the tickets are held aside, and then they don’t show up! With online tickets sales you can force your attendees to pay online. This enables you to collect the money immediately and be sure that attendees will show up. You no longer need to monitor all transactions; the computer does it for you.

6. Professional image

Nowadays, flight tickets are no longer booked by phone. Customers simply expect airline companies to have an online booking system. It is a necessary tool to stay in business. The same evolution is to be expected for theaters, trainings, seminars, concerts, sports events, etc. An organization with online tickets sales and promotion creates a young, dynamic, and professional image.

7. You get a second chance (and a third, fourth …)

Once your tickets are printed, you can no longer change the price. Once your 500 folders or posters are printed, you can no longer correct possible mistakes. Online, however, nothing is definitive. You can, at any time, change prices, augment capacity, correct spelling errors, change the address, etc. Furthermore you collect the email addresses of all attendees via the online ticket sales, so you can contact them with important changes.

8. No need to be a web designer or programmer

Online event management software is clear and simple, meaning that you can put your event online and set up your sell out page in a couple of minutes. You can start promoting your event via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or email. All of this without programming one line of code. Also, online event management systems often provide the option to embed the software into your own website. The software is easy to use for everyone!

9. Online viral marketing

Compared to the classical promotion methods (e.g. posters on the street), online promotions have lots of advantages. Viral marketing is the effect of spreading your site like a virus on the internet; people tell each other online to come to your event. This kind of marketing can spread very fast! Read the following article on viral marketing for events and how it works.

What are the advantages of online event management according to you?

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