How does viral marketing work for your event?

The Mexican flu spreads exponentially. One boy infects 2 friends (1+2=3). They each infect another two friends (3+6=9). These 9 again infect each 2 friends (9+18=27). After 13 infection rounds we have 531.441 infected friends! Graphically this looks like this:

This is an exponential growth pattern. The growth goes faster and faster. Much more about this has been written and said by Seth Godin (marketing guru).

What could interest you: The growth of the ticket sales for an event can follow the same pattern! People can find your event so exciting that they start talking about it, just like that, for free.

Imagine yourself: You encounter the web page of an event that attracts you. Furthermore; the web page of the event looks great. The performers are top quality. Subscribing is easy and online…all looks great!

In this case, interested people will likely ask their friends to come as well. Events are social happenings. Also, when you know that some of your friends are going, you will be more convinced. When you convince your friends to go to an event, they will be easier to convince than when it is a poster or another piece of publicity. Those friends could, on their turn, invite some friends of their own, etc…Subscriptions rise exponentially.

This kind of marketing is totally free! And it is “real”. It is not some kind of poster that raises doubts…Your own friend telling he is going to an event because it looks really cool you won’t consider as a marketing trick, it is authentic publicity.  When you hear the same of different friends, you will be even more convinced: I want to go there too.

A dream for every organizer! Despite that fact that the word can spread automatically, you still have to get the word out there. How you can get people to talk about your event?

  • Be different! Give the people something to talk about (unusual location, special poster, strange name, be ‘mysterious’ about something, be funny, put a YouTube trailer online, …). You won’t get people excited and talking about your event when everything about it is average. A well organized event is not enough….it must be different, remarkable!
  • Make it easy to spread the word. People usually don’t do too many efforts when it is not for their own profits. Fikket provides a ‘share’ button for every event, which allows you to easily share the event with others on more than 150 social networks.

To end with: Fikket, the easy tool to publish, promote, and sell out your event counts on you for an exponential growth of Fikket. When you like Fikket, spread the word!

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